As an elite athlete you know his body and have met a lot of therapists and doctors but it was only when I met Ulf Kilman that I was helped to get rid of my troubles and understood how amazing the body was and how I would do to help it. I had to change my diet and lifestyle and as a 32-year-old I am now better than ever!

Thanks to Ulf Kilman's treatments and FRIWAY's life supplements® I have been able to stay healthy and injury-free and performed at the top. Even though I stopped swimming, I continue to eat all the products every day to give my body the best possible nutrition.

Before the Beijing Olympics, I was helped by the KILMAN INSTITUTE and FRIWAY's life supplements® which made me improve enormously and sensationally I managed to take an Olympic bronze – wonderful. Without your help, I wouldn't have had that medal, many thanks for the help!

Being a golf pro is being a perfectionist and I feel right away when the signal traffic in my body is not working as it should and it also turns out in the game. Now I never go out on a round without FRIWAY's life supplements®. With their help, the body works better and then I can focus on the game.

A few years ago I would stop playing football because I was always injured but when I started with FRIWAY's life allowance® my body got going again and allowed me to train harder than ever.

Cross-country skiing is my life and when I started with GROW and WELL in 2011 I got my big break and was 5th at the Ski Classic and managed to be 6th at Vasaloppet, in the sixth fastest time ever.

When I saw Ulf Kilman on TV and thought that that had to be tried and went to his colleague Lena. For 20 years I had had all sorts of health problems with my stomach, back and other things. When I stepped in I thought that what can she do that not all the specialists I met could help me with but already after the first reading I noticed major improvements and when I then got help with TUNING, mental treatment, the results became even clearer. This is too good to be true – that not everyone goes to the KILMAN Institute and lives by their mindset, I do not understand! Thank you for everything, you're amazing!"  2011-2015

It is wonderful to come to the KILMAN Institute who can identify what disturbed my body and also find the solution to the things I myself felt that I had problems with and no one else could help me with. You're world class! Photo Lund/Katarina Waldenström