With the help of research, treatments and training courses, we aim to educate individuals to achieve new energy levels and improved health by means of correct nervous system communications, natural, effective nutrition and a fully functioning immune system.

Corona - pandemic or panic?

We are currently living in a time of heightened emotions and a never-ending flow of news and information. This makes it more important than ever to pay attention to facts. History has revealed that we don't seem to learn from past experiences - but we now face an opportunity for us all to take responsibility and share viable solutions. Together we can learn from what is happening right now. Together we are strong. Together we can ensure that we make the best of the present situation.

As an elite athlete you know his body and have met a lot of therapists and doctors but it was only when I met Ulf Kilman that I was helped to get rid of my troubles and understood how amazing the body was and how I would do to help it. I had to change my diet and lifestyle and as a 32-year-old I am now better than ever!

Thanks to Ulf Kilman's treatments and FRIWAY's life supplements® I have been able to stay healthy and injury-free and performed at the top. Even though I stopped swimming, I continue to eat all the products every day to give my body the best possible nutrition.