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Here we turn to you who think about what you eat and sometimes treat you a feast or something useless. Overall, consider avoiding milk and wheat products and do not mix carbohydrates with proteins.

You probably already know what is useful, useless and harmful. And you also know that it is best to eat natural, full products that are ecologically grown and to the least process. In addition, you know that it is good to drink clean water and to avoid soft drinks, alcohol and coffee.

However, you may not know that even when you see the food on the plate you start producing the enzymes needed in digestion. Different types of food need different enzymes and your body can not produce all enzymes at the same time. Some food is broken down best in a basic environment while others need a strong acid for to be splinted and if you mix food incorrectly, you may have gases or put inflammatory processes in the digestive tract and other body.

Keys to improved digestion

Here we have collected tips on some things to consider doing and others that you should avoid, to give you the best conditions possible for a good digestion.

Do this

  • Feel happy, enjoy, laugh, breathe deeply and relaxed and love yourself and those you meet.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and berries, drink clean water and enjoy the food you eat. Do you want to eat fruit doing it on an empty stomach, never together or after a meal because it interferes with digestion.
  • If you want to eat meat, poultry or fish eat vegetables or carry it.
  • If you want to eat pasta or rice, eat any råris and make sure that the pasta is gluten-free and eat vegetables for. Then your body can more easily break down and absorb what you've eaten.
  • If you avoid mixing carbohydrates and proteins, you'll find it much easier to process and make use of what you eat. Some of the diets that currently occur, for example, LCHF, Atkinson and GI often avoid these combinations, which may form the basis for the success of the diets.
  • Supplement the diet with supplements if you want to be sure to get in you the vitamins, minerals and other substances that you need. The food today does not have the same nutritional content as 50 years ago, the environmental burden is greater so in order to feel as good as possible, supplements are needed. Many, however, do more harm than good, we therefore recommend FRIWAY's products that are tested on the human body and designed to give the body the nutrition it needs. The products are completely natural and contain the purest and best food from all corners of the earth that was put together in powder and pill form to give the body the best possible fuel.

Avoid this

  • Stress, anxiety, shame, guilt, superficial breathing and other negative emotions that interfere with the body's metabolism.
  • Minimize and avoid all milk and wheat products. Processed foods containing consistency sensors, taste enhancers, sugar, margarines and trans fats should also be avoided.
  • The intake of the most common allergens should also be minimized as gluten, lactose, citrus fruits, soy, tomato, corn, core fruits, mushrooms, eggs, nuts and garlic.