Kevin Jågas Hansson

"My greatest motivation is based on helping people get healthy and giving them the opportunity to perform at their highest level"

Since the day I was born, I've been moving my life. If I didn't stand on a pair of skates when I was young, I spent my time running or in some other form of training. I was always full of energy and everything flowed on until the age of 14, when all my energy started to disappear and an active life was replaced by long hospital visits and recurring injuries.

For years, I was looking for someone or something to help me get my life back. But it was only after a visit to Ulf that my body started working again and I went from being sick 25-30 weeks a year to starting to get my energy back. Today, 10 years later, I haven't been sick or injured in years and my body is stronger than ever.

I knew from my first visit to Ulf that I wanted to learn more about HKT and for several years I have studied how the human body works. This before I chose to end an 18-year hockey career to bet all the cards on a new career, to help people achieve their full potential.

Kevin was born and raised in Orsa in northern Dalarna and has played hockey in Allsvenskan with Mora IK for a couple of seasons. He is educated in both HKT and TUNING at the KILMAN INSTITUTE and also works as a personal trainer for several elite athletes.