Body scanning (EIS)

We perform body scanning (bodyscan) with bioimpe dance meter. This method of measurement has been developed in France by doctors, physicists, mathematicians and computer experts. The technology is based on a bioimpedance measurement that sends a very weak stream through the body, less than what it takes to touch a muscle, for 2 minutes. After the measurement, the client can see how the body's organs and processes work, the analysis shows 69 physiological parameters, such as metabolism, pH,inflammations, hormone status, muscle function and digestion.

Early disorders of body systems and internal organs can be detected even before serious illness has occurred. ESG – an Electrosomatogram – for the entire state of the body is measured and recorded. Similar to an ECG, the condition of the heart reproduces or an EEG shows the function of the brain. With an ESG you will see the function of your entire body – not just some – and you can follow changes in health status, and quickly see how a treatment works. The results are shown in 3D format and give an overall picture of the client's bodily/physiological functions, as well as how stress, lifestyle and medicines affect health and vitality. The equipment is used by both doctors and alternative therapists worldwide.

The advantage of eis study is that:

  • The customer receives a quick and clear picture of his health status without having to undergo examinations with different doctors
  • Customer receives a snapshot of their current health status
  • The customer receives an indication of which body or body system needs to be strengthened
  • It is possible that changes in the customer's condition and see if treatments and lifestyle changes produce results

System based on findings from the research below:

  • R. Voll (organometry, change in resistance in human body organs and systems);
  • T. Graham (physiology of matter in colloid state);
  • V. Schmidt and X. Pflaum (neurohumoral regulation);
  • H. Frölich (quantum superconductivity of koherenta wavefields);
  • Prigogine, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1977 (the coherenta organization of space that shapes the dissipative structures of biological systems);
  • R. Sheldrake (morfogena fields and information theory);
  • R. Damadian (relaxation time of the protoners of water molecules in living cells in cases of magnetic resonance)

Kilman Institute certifications:

  • CE 0459 Class IIa - European certificate of medical use. IIa means that not only licensed personnel may use it.
  • CSA Class 8750 81 / 875001- Canadian and American medical certificate.