Cathrine Hallmans

Cathrine has a burning interest in helping fellow people to a healthier and more awake life.

Cathrine grew up on the island of Lidingö near Stockholm and has a degree in economics. In her younger years she played football for 10 years at a high level and has always been fascinated by the human body’s capabilities given the right conditions. For many years she has been seeking out the best solutions and has realized that if we take responsibility for our life choices we can succeed.

After receiving treatments from Ulf for a number of years Cahrine’s health transformed from suffering constant stomach pains, stubborn rashes and other diffuse symptoms to eventually enjoying perfect digestion, a fully functioning nervous system and a strong body. Consequently, she decided to enrol on Ulf’s training course to qualify as a health therapist. Cathrine is skilful and thirsty for knowledge with a passion for helping people to enjoy a healthier and more energetic life.