Ulf Kilman

Ulf Kilman portrait

"I find my driving force in finding effective solutions for health. To make people healthy, strong and sustainable,to give athletes the opportunity to perform at levels they just dared to dream of. I want to spread these amazing knowledge all over the world!"

  • Ulf has developed the hkt®, holographic kinesiology. The system is based on excellence in neuroscience and is a very precise and powerful method where accepted medical knowledge is complemented by a selection of alternative medicine methods. It reads the nervous system and provides individual-adapted, fast and effective treatment that gets the client healthy, strong and persistent naturally.
  • Since 1990 Ulf has performed over 30,000 treatments on clients from 30 countries.
  • He has been a developer of FRIWAY supplements that have unique bioavailability.
  • Ulf is a valued lecturer and educator, both in hospitals, for therapists and health enthusiasts.

When nothing else has worked

Over the years I have managed to help lots of clients to become free from pain, various medical conditions and allergies. Often, client's situation has felt hopeless and complex, a combination of different circumstances where many different treatment pathways have been tried without finding Help. But the answers were there all the time in the body.

I dare to promise that our vocational training provides a unique toolkit to work with when looking for personalised solutions to complex health problems, far beyond one-solution-fits-all solutions.

"I have become something of a specialist in identifying and treating the underlying causes."

Ulf Kilman shows test on a course participant
Ulf Kilman both treats and educates in his method HKT®, holographic kinesiology.

Results that marvel

In the arena of sport, my clients are in all types of Sports. Often they have approached me with problems that no one previously solved fully. I has become something of a specialist in identifying and treating the underlying causes and thereby be able to get these clients back to the the world's elite in even better shape than before the problem arose. The list of medalists in the Olympics, World Championships, European and Sweden Championships are long, and no doubt these athletes thank me for they have been able to achieve these achievements.

A scientific study has been carried out under the auspices of Karolinska Hospital on my clients who have been diagnosed with MS, which is considered an incurable disease. The study found that all clients were unwell-free; X-rays and other tests showed that there were no longer any signs of MS in their bodies.

This is how my career began

In my background you will find everything from massage education to medical studies at Uppsala University. Since 1990 I have been working to help clients get to to address various health problems; initially in martial arts and as a personal trainer at various gyms.

Word of my good results spread and therapists, chiropractors and doctors began sending their clients to me because they would be helped with training programs against specific injuries and to achieve specific objectives.

I have had time to run and build up 4 different clinics in the Stockholm area, been approved teacher at the Swedish School of Kinesiology in 1998 where I was also an auxiliary teacher during 2 Years.

I have been a lecturer at Karolinska, Huddinge Hospital and held a number of lectures on health all over Sweden.

In all the years we have helped clients become healthier and perform at their peak, we have seen that although the body is extremely complex, complex problems can often be solved by simple methods, as long as you start living right according to the body's laws of nature and avoid environments, thoughts, emotions, food and exercises that destroy the body's internal communication.

"We want to do our best to help create a sustainable world by spreading our unique insights and treatment methods to people all over the world so that they can reach their full potential and be healthy and happy!"

We have created the health concept for Human Health and started the website forhumanhealth.com. There we collect free information for those who want to start living your body's truth to optimize your health. Here are:

  • Videos that show you how to learn how to test your food, skin care products and anything else you want to use.
  • Contact information for companies that want help making products that fit the human body.
  • Our business system where customers who have been on treatments or trained with us, can learn more about how the body works and read about their treatments.