A cat rests. Rest is needed for good health.


Rest is an important part of the workout because that's when you build yourself up, but then you should also have challenged your brain and body before rest.

Find rest in everyday situations

Rest is a condition you can feel at any time, such as when you're riding a bus, driving a car, sitting in a meeting or running. Train yourself to rest in everyday situations instead of always performing and catching up with everything and everyone. Learn to be comfortably relaxed because then you always perform at your best no matter what it comes.

Create conditions for good sleep

It's also important that you sleep well. Most people sleep well when they have interspersed mentally and physically for a while before they go to bed and sleep in a dark and cool room. Learn what you need to sleep well and create these routines and physical and mental conditions for yourself.

In the rest, you give yourself time to feel and listen to yourself. And the dialogue with yourself can be the most rewarding you have in your entire life!