What you should eat and not - our best dietary advice

Wondering what to eat to build up your body and immune system and raise your energy level?

At KILMAN HEALTH, we have been working with health for more than 30 years. We have been looking all over the world to find the best methods and tools to help our clients become healthy and strong as quickly as possible. Over the years, we have become more and more confident that what we eat and expose our bodies to determines how healthy we are. Next to our thoughts and our mindset, therefore, diet comes as the most important factor. In this blog post we address what is healthily to eat and also what to avoid in order to build up your immune system and be able to take one's health to the next level.

Today, quantities of diets are marketed that are said to be good for the body, heart, brain and blood, to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, be anti-inflammatory or give the body the right pH.

When we started studying, researching and testing food, the goal was to really understand which food is healthily and is best absorbed by the body. We simply wanted to learn what the human body needs to stay healthy and be able to perform at its peak! With the results of our research, we have helped many to overcome their injury problems, chronically ill people have been declared healthy and lots of clients have been able to raise their energy levels and get rid of things like stomach upset, aches and sleeping problems.

Many people recommend different what really?

We quickly saw that there are two camps of diet specialists, those who advise against certain foods and those who have food favorites that they want everyone to eat a lot of.

Some diet specialists want us to avoid, for example, sugar, gluten, wheat, lactose, milk protein, meat, poultry, carbohydrates, salt, lectins and oxalic acid. Also we see that there is a lot of truth in this but eliminating so much from the diet can make the diet too limited.

Other dietspecialists recommend everyone to eat a lot of certain foods. It can be about eating a lot of nuts, meat, eggs, salmon, coconut oil, avocado, broccoli or lemon. We see that it is not good for the body to eat unilaterally and it can make it difficult to intake all the nutrients. Above all, we see that certain types of foods are good for some and at the same time do not fit others. Therefore, these recommendations are not good either, but dietary advice must be more precise and personalised.

There are also ideas about cooking and when and how to eat. There are diets such as rawfood, vegan diet, LCHF, 5:2, locally produced, diets based on body type, intermittent fasting and other variations on fasting. There is a lot in these diets, but at the same time, research shows that the most important thing to help digestion is to eat less and avoid mixing too many different raw materials.

In addition, to make it even more difficult, there are diet specialists who provide completely contradictory facts; that meat is good or bad, that fruit is healthy or unhealthy or that beans are healthy or unhealthy. We can say that it is not possible to read what is going on!

What's best for you to eat?

What distinguishes us at KILMAN HEALTH from others when it comes to nutrition, is that we individualize the cow wire to make them sufficiently accurate and effective. In our research we have seen that it is often as important to avoid the diet that disturbs the most, as to eat what is healthy. It is therefore important that everyone gets to know their body and what individual variations are important.

When it comes to food, there are obviously ground rules that apply to everyone. For example, eating organic berries and vegetables containing natural vitamins and minerals that the body can absorb and use is the most healthy. It is also good for everyone to avoid food that is sprayed and contains chemicals that interfere with the body. In addition, it is always best to eat in a calm and pleasant environment because digestion works better then, than when we are stressed.

Depending on genes, intestinal flora, lifestyle, microbial load and much more, our bodies need different nutrients. Therefore, you need to get to know your own body in order to optimize your health. Animals often retain the instinct about what they can eat and what not, but many people have not trained that ability, or destroyed it if it worked from the beginning. We often eat what is served and are more focused on it to taste good and go fast than it should be healthy and build up the body. Children often have better feelings. For example, they do not want to confuse everything they eat, but rather eat one thing at a time, which is actually much better for digestion.

The body regulates itself constantly, it keeps running processes such as immune system, reproduction, hormone regulation, pH, temperature regulation and much more. For everything to work properly, high-quality nutrition is needed, such as vital fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Our organs, cells, immune systems and other processes in the body also need benefits such as vitamins, minerals and other trace elements in order to do their work. The question then is where you are going to get this nutrition?

In order for the body to be able to absorb and use the industry optimally, it needs to be in the right shape, be so-called bioavailable. We have seen that the more natural and less processed the food is, the better it is for digestion. Vegetables and berries contain everything we need and are also easy to combine with otherfoods. Unnatural, artificial or "processed" raw materials do not recognise the body and will find it more difficult to absorb and use. Digestion also works better when we do not mix too many raw materials.

How do we know who's going to eat what?

In order to build up from scratch, with a strong immune system and a nervous system that can communicate optimally, there are no shortcuts. Every individual needs to learn to live the truth of their body. We have seen that the easiest and fastest way to do this is to learn the basics of testing one's nervous system. Unfortunately, the gut sensation often gives incorrect signals. Before you are really healthy, you often get hungry for things that satisfy the brain for what gives the body's organs the nutrition they need.

If you want to, you can try your hand at eating a few foods and then add one raw material at a time for a few days and measure their performance and analyze how your body feels and then stop with this and try a new one. The problem is that it takes a long time to learn what works and what doesn't and the answers you get can differ from one day to another. Therefore, it can be both easier and faster that you learn to read your nervous system.

In the video above Ulf Kilman tells and shows how you can test which food is good for your body and what to avoid, by reading your nervous system.

If you want to learn more, we hold a weekend course called "KILMAN HEALTH @home" a few times a year. During the course you will learn a lot about health and how you can test food, products and shoes by reading your nervous system. Here you can read more about our weekend course KILMAN HEALTH @home and register.

By learning how to test what your body wants and need, you don't have to spend energy and money on foods and supplements that don't do you benefit or at worst even weaken your body. Those who have taken the courses have been both surprised and impressed by how amazing the human body is.

Today we have clients who, when it's time for Friday snugre, bring out cucumber and celery sticks for mom who are most sensitive. Dad eats fruit that mom can't stand. The children get some popcorn and organic chips with sunflower oil and sea salt, something that neither mom nor dad can tolerate. Children often have better nutritional status and more enzymes, and therefore they find it easier to break down what they eat. But the worse children (and others) eat, the faster these reserves are consumed. 

Why do many people find it so difficult to eat healthy?

When you get hungry for something, it is usually because you have deficiencies in your body or that you associate feelings with food and try to recreate those feelings with the help of what you eat. To really get rid of the craving, you can improve your dietary habits to ensure that your body has the nutrition it needs and also learn how to create the emotions you want with the help of exercise, family, friends, music, better sleep, meditation or anything else you appreciate and that is positive for you.

Is regular food enough to give your body all the nutrition it needs?

As humans have streamlined and maximized harvests, the soils have been depleted and the food no longer contains the same nutrition as it did 100 or 50 years ago. Today we are also exposed to much more environmental toxins and stress in the form of polluted air, electromagnetic radiation and chemicals than before. This is a stress and challenge for the body that sets its mark.

Today, therefore, it is no longer enough to just eat "ordinary food" to give the body enough nutrition, but for the body to function optimally, people, who live a normal Western life, need to eat some kind of supplementation or compensation to stay healthy. For this reason, the food industry enriches food. Unfortunately, it is usually about artificially produced vitamins and minerals that cannot be absorbed by the body and used effectively. In some cases, the added vitamins and minerals can do more harm to a benefit. The same applies unfortunately to many supplements available on the market today, they simply do not fit the body and can not be taken up as they should.

Today there is a clear regulatory framework for food and supplements in the West. The problem is that less serious operators can take advantage of the regulatory framework and assemble products containing vitamins and minerals with the right approved health claims and then make use of cheap artificial raw materials that lack bioavailability. Those who eat these products then have no effect and the products can even be harmful and interfere with the body's communication, intestinal flora and other vile processes.

For those who really want to maximize their energy and nutrient intake, we recommend FRIWAYs life supplements. They have been developed over more than 15 years, when we at KILMAN HEALTH have been working to help clients become healthier by natural means. The life supplements are carefully tested and designed to give all organs and cells the nutrition they need for all important processes in the body to function optimally. Bioavailability is also maximized using both Western and Eastern methods. In addition, all active ingredients, consistency sensors and capsules are carefully tested to suit the body's energy systems and processes, all to maximize the positive effect. The life supplements consist mainly of organic vegetables and berries.

Facts about diet

  • Humans are best served by natural and pure raw materials that the body can absorb and use.
  • A lot of what many people today consider normal to eat is not optimal for the body. On the contrary, it slowly but surely weakens the immune system and increases ill health and systemic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • What we eat occasionally is not as important to keep track of, but the most important thing is to make sure that what you eat often does not disturb the body.
  • The body needs vitamins, minerals, salts, carbohydrates, fats and proteins to build up all cells, organs and processes. Organic and natural ingredients such as vegetables and berries contain all this and are therefore the best building blocks for our bodies.
  • We all feel best to avoid common allergens such as wheat, milk, gluten, lactose, sugar, peanuts, hazelnuts, pork, tomato, soy, corn, garlic, citrus fruits, mushrooms, tomato, peppers and eggs. Those who do not notice that they are adversely affected still consume energy if they eat these allergens. Energy that they could otherwise use for other purposes.
  • Just because something is useful doesn't mean it's good for you. For example, avocados contain healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and are good for most people. But some may have an allergic reaction if they eat avocado. Beans, nuts and cabbage varieties like broccoli can also be indigestible for many. However, everyone can probably tolerate an organic cucumber. (Test what applies to you movie)
  • It is important to learn how to test or feel what your body is doing well in order to test what you want to eat or use often as food, combinations of food and e.g. skin care products.

How does digestion work?

Nobel Laureate Pavlov proved not only that it was possible to get dogs to secrete saliva when he rang a food bell. He also showed that we are beginning to secrete the enzymes we need to break down the food we see on the plate in front of us, even before we start eating. What does this mean in practice? If you put together your meal incorrectly or drink things to your food that interfere with your digestion, you will not be able to splinter, pick up and use the food as intended. Instead, this can lead to flatulence, inflammatory processes or disrupt signal traffic and the chemical processes of the body. Something that has a direct impact on your energy level and over time also on your health.

Perhaps the most important and biggest difference between how many people eat today and how it is really best to eat is that: carbohydrates and animal proteins should not be mixed if you want to optimize your digestion. Our food consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and we form different types of enzymes to break these down. Some of the enzymes cannot be formed at the same time. In addition, different foods need different amount of acid in the stomach to be broken down. If we compose the food wrongly, our breakdown of the food becomes incomplete. Simple measures, such as separating animal proteins from carbohydrates, make it easier for the body to process and use what you eat. Several popular diets that exclude carbohydrate sources do not combine these, and many feel that they feel better about diets where carbohydrates and animal protein are not eaten during the same meal.

If you want to eat carbohydrates such as pasta or rice, you can eat it together with vegetables. There are today wheat- and gluten-free pasta, such as rice pasta or chickpea paste, that suits most people better but just because it is gluten-free, it doesn't have to be good for you so once again learn to try out foods that you want to eat often. Wholegrain rice with a long cooking time that contains more enzymes and nutrients is usually healthier than white rice.

If you want to eat fish, poultry or meat, it is best combined with, for example, broccoli, avocado, salad, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa or other vegetables. In this way, digestion is simplified and the body can more easily assimilate the industry. Remember, however, that all animal proteins, but mainly red meat, burden your kidneys and interfere with your body's pH balance. Among animal proteins, fish and shellfish are more easily digestible than others, and meat of game, lamb and other grass-fed animals is also gentler on the body than other meat.

Some nutritionists and researchers say that nutrition in the food is destroyed if it heats up above 48 degrees. They are right but heating up the food can also help digestion to break down, pick up and use the industry. Above all, the heat can kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that can remain even if we rinse the food thoroughly. If you want to cook the food, it is also good to use containers that do not react with the food as it can both destroy the nutritional value and emit chemicals. (Cookware with stainless 316 steel or glass receptacle is therefore best.)

There are also specialists who believe that it is best to be a vegetarian or that you should only eat what originates near where you live. The reason for this is that pigs are rooting in the soil and eating most of it, which has the effect that their meat contains lots of microbes that we as humans can have difficulty handling. For example, if we get a parasite from the pork, it is not certain that our digestion can kill it. As a result, it takes hold in our body and can cause a lot of problems and be behind seemingly unexplained autonomic diseases such as constant aches, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue and other ill health. Problems that can also come from fungi, chemicals, viruses and bacteria or that we eat a diet that does not fit the digestive tract.

In fact, many viruses that cannot initially harm humans are found in mammals and when we eat them, these viruses can enter our bodies and possibly harm us in the long run. Therefore, it is important to think through the risks of what we put in us and to prepare the food appropriately before it is too late.

How and when you eat also matters

Most people today know that it matters what they eat, although in many cases it has not yet influenced them to make good choices. It is also important when and how you eat. That you are stressed, irritated and tired, it does not give good conditions. It is also not good to eat late or at irregular times.

In fact, stress can be devastating to your health. Studies show that it pays to eat healthy but only for those who have a low stress level. Those who have high stress stress levels get no or barely measurable effect from a healthier diet. This is a fact that should prompt most of us to reflect: what does it really look like in our everyday lives? How many are we not who stress on and hunt "musthave" in our everyday lives, because it's "something normal"? Something that may turn out to short-circuit the time and resources we invest in our health! This also means that we should stop exposing the body to stress in the form of food, drink and products that disturb the body in order for us to get the right exchange on our efforts.

Your health is constantly affected by your lifestyle, intestinal flora, life energy, microbial load, breathing, sleep, ability to adapt and your mindset, your nervous system and your genes. You don't get fat because you eat uselessly one day, but it's what you do over time that counts. It has also been seen that the intestinal flora changes already after three days with improved diet.

What is important to avoid?

Everything you eat matters and what takes years to build up can be destroyed in a few days! It may therefore be more important not to eat something bad than to add something that is good for you. Some eat or use things on a daily basis that greatly impair the body's ability to communicate. Result? You immediately get the receipt in the form of reduced energy levels along with increased risk of injury and disease. They themselves say that such behaviour should be avoided!

Most people today know what is healthy and useless in the basics. The less candy, chips, alcohol and other uselessthings you eat the better you can feel, even if you don't want to believe or admit it. In our studies on diet and nutrition, we have found that all (according to the National Food Administration) known common allergens, such as milk, wheat, corn, eggs, peanuts, tomato, lactose and gluten affect the body's chemistry and eat the body's energy reserves. It is therefore best for all people to avoid these, even those who do not notice that they feel worse (or do not put their problems associated with these allergens). In addition to the fact that everyone feels best about stopping taking products that interfere with the nervous system, we all feel best to also avoid the white toxins; i.e. wheat, milk, sugar, medicines, etc.

Important questions to ask

  • How should I motivate myself to 1) find out what is good for me and 2) make me always want to live healthily and eat healthily?
  • How should I get the nutrition I need to stay healthy and strong?
  • What should I do to sustainably improve my dietary habits and lifestyle?
  • How can I help my family and friends live healthier?
  • What is it that hinders my happiness and health the most that Should I avoid in my everyday life?


To feel even better, you need to get to know your body and become aware of what strengthens you the most and what is most important for you to avoid. Everything to improve your neural traffic, strengthen your organs, cells and your immune system, which means that you do not have to detocity your resources. In all the years we've studied the body and nervous system, we've seen what works best. We (and the health specialists we trained) have methods that directly show if any part of the body is disturbed by food, drink and other products. We can also see if a client has nutritional deficiencies that make any organ or immune system unable to work optimally.

Today, food and gene tests are sold to advise on diet, but unfortunately we see that they do not give the whole truth. Lab results can say that you can tolerate, for example, eggs or nuts. But in practice it is like this: you may be able to tolerate a certain egg, but depending on how much antibiotics and what food the chicken has received, another egg may be completely wrong for you. Same with different nuts. You may tolerate one type of nut better than another, but contain the bag you bought fungal toxins, bacteria, viruses or aflatoxins in too high a level (which is not entirely uncommon) so you should avoid nuts from that bag.

By learning to read the nervous system, you can start avoiding all the food and products that interfere with your body. In this way, you optimize the body's communication. When the body can communicate, it can also solve problems! Welcome to book your place one of the courses at KILMAN HEALTH that teaches this, @home or @work. You will leave the training with new insights and a number of tools that can promptly give you, your family or your customers a healthier everyday life.

In addition to being careful with your diet, it is important to review the environment you are staying in daily and eliminate unnecessary environmental toxins from air, skin care products and chemicals, as well as minimize radiation from mobile phones, computers and other sources of electricity. Your body communicates with different frequencies and the more natural and cleaner environments you are in, the easier your body will understand and handle the right signals.

The human body is fantastic at dealing with and solving the problems it is exposed to. For millions of years, it has solved problems we didn't even know existed. With a strong immune system, you'll be better equipped through life, so be sure to motivate yourself to take care of yourself and find out your unique truth. The healthier and stronger your body, the more you can enjoy and experience in life!

Be your best! Do your best! Bliss ice!

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