RED: not interested

This is aimed at those who treat you to ilutility and do not want or cope to change your diet. Our best tip to you is to reduce the useless and eat supplements.

Reduce the useless

The less sweets, chips, alcohol and other the impossibilities you eat, the better you can feel. The fact that you get hungry for inuse is usually due to the fact that you have deficiencies or that you associate certain food or drink with positive feelings and try to recreate these using what you eat. If you want to get rid of the craving for inuse, you can improve your diets and learn how to create the positive emotions you want through exercise, music, meditation or anything else you appreciate. Maybe you'll be as happy with your favorite music and some dancing at home as by a bag of candy?

Eat supplements

If you don't want to change your diet, you can still improve your conditions to feel good by adding supplements. Fatty acids multivitamins or other vitamins and minerals can be good, but what you need and can assimilate, can be hard to know. The research indicates that supplements do not work may be right as it can often be the placebo effect of a pill that does more good than the preparation itself.

We can recommend FRIWAY's life supplements®. They are completely natural and contains the cleanest and best food from all corners of the earth, composed in powder and pill shape to give the body the fuel it needs.

GLOW contains berries and supergreens which gives energy and compensates for bad intake of, for example, green leafy vegetables. FLOW contains herbs that historically used to strengthen the body's internal organs among the earth's Indigenous peoples. GROW is an organic protein powder containing all amino acids, with 55% protein. BASIC can be eaten to compensate for unhealthy diet, hard exercise or stress. WELL is a natural sea salt from the urhaven, extracted from mountain caves before there were pollution in the sea. It contains quantities of important trace elements and are dissolved in water to fit the digestive system is fully. Those who want to get useful fatty acids can eat FOCUS containing vegetable organic fatty acids.