To live

  1. Live to discover who you are and what you are good at.
  2. Live to get healthier, stronger and better at what you like to do.
  3. Live to enjoy, laugh and discover new beautiful and fun things.
  4. Live to create a better world.
  5. Live to see children, animals and yourself grow up.
  6. Live to feel the sun warm, hear the sounds of the wind in the trees and to feel the ground under your bare feet.
  7. Live to love yourself, your partner, your family and your loved ones.
  8. Live to develop yourself, the ones you meet and other things you are passionate about or care about.
  9. Live to discover the unknown and live to satisfy your curiosity.
  10. Live to enjoy all the positive things that have happened, hands and will happen.
  11. Live to dissolve and remove everything negative that has happened, hands and will happen.
  12. Live to appreciate everything for what it is and be sure to create and experience more of what you feel good about, while avoiding what breaks down or destroys for you.
  13. Live and use all your time to create and experience the life you want to live with love, joy and a little seriousness in mind