Life supplements® and health products

Kilman Institutet has developed both health products and FRIWAY Life Supplements® that strengthens the body and makes it communicate and work properly. Here we have collected films where Charlotte Kilman and Ulf Kilman present the products and tell about the benefits they do in the body. Life supplements® from FRIWAY and health products are available to order in our webshop.

B Vitamin Complex

Ulf Kilman presents Vitamin B Complex, a Life Supplement® from FRIWAY.

B vitamins are important for our cells and are used in many processes in the body. The older we get, the more common it is with vitamin B deficiencies. They are found in fruit and vegetables but many eat too little of this alternatively do not take them up right and then it is good to supplement with B vitamin Complex. Order Vitamin B Complex in our webshop.

Basic pH raiser

Ulf Kilman presents BASIC pH-raisers, a Life supplement® from FRIWAY.

A basic condition for being healthy is that the body has the right pH balance, therefore the body constantly regulates the pH value using several different buffer systems such as breathing, blood and protein synthesis. If you live a life of stress, hard training, or eat animal proteins, sugar, fruit, rice, pasta, potatoes and other carbohydrates, you have a acidifying lifestyle and it can then be good to help the body with raising the pH with BASIC. Order BASIC in our webshop.

Vitamin D3

Charlotte Kilman presents Vitamin D3, a Life supplement® from FRIWAY.

Vitamin D is important for immune systems, muscles and mental health and the body forms it when it gets sunshine. In Sweden there are many shortcomings and it is good to add D3 to the diet. Vitamin D3 which is the variant of vitamin D that we have seen the body can absorb and use. Order Vitamin D3 in our webshop.

HEALTH antioxidant

Charlotte Kilman presents HEALTH, a Life supplement® from FRIWAY.

HEALTH contains the antioxidants we have seen is best for activating the body's immune system, Nordic berries. These are easy for the body to absorb and use and build up the immune system naturally. Order HEALTH in our webshop.

WELL mineral salt

Ulf Kilman presents WELL, a Life supplement® from FRIWAY.

WELL is a healthy salt, a spray salt that contains vital minerals, salts and trace elements that the body's cells and organs need to function optimally. The salt is a rock salt from the primordial seas, a sea salt from the time before the pollution came. The salt is dissolved in filtered spring water to suit everyone as many walk around with dehydration and it can then be harmful to add more salt. Order WELL in our webshop.