What can I, as a client, get help with?

At kilman institutet we work with the reality of the body, make sure that the nervous system connects correctly and gives the body the ability to react correctly to everything one is exposed to. When the body gets the resources it needs and knows what to do, the immune system can also do amazing things.

Among our clients are chronically ill and even condemned to death who have become completely healthy after a few treatments. On the other side of the scale are elite athletes who with our help reached a top form where they have broken world records, won World Championship and Olympic medals. You can read more about this here.

Chronic diseases

A little challenging you could say that chronic diseases don't really exist, it's just that the immune system doesn't understand how to get rid of the problem that causes disorders. When the body's immune system is helped to clear away what interferes, the state of the disease can therefore disappear. For example, we have a helped clients get healthy from asthma, MS, genetic defects, both blood and kidney functions. Here you can, for example, read a study that documents how a client has become healthy from MS.

Chronic pain

Although most injuries are healed completely within 3-6 months, pain can still remain. This is due to increased sensitivity in the nervous system and how the brain interprets the signals that are transmitted. In the beginning, you can need painkillers, but it is not a long-term solution to the problem, but should be scaled down. You easily get into a vicious spiral where emotions affect the condition of pain negatively, and therefore it is important to learn how to deal with the stress to reduce the strain on the nervous system.

Lifestyle and dietary changes are often part of the road against being painless. Lack of movement along with superficial breathing through mouth makes it difficult to be painless. Movement together with the right breathing activates the body's healing functions, and when you begin to burden the body, nervous systems, brain and other important processes may need help to be synchronized so that they can start interacting to make you Painless.


When the body is in balance, it has nutrition and energy that needed, it can react preventively and thus avoid damage. If you already have damaged you, the body needs to heal the tissue damage by means of rest and right mix of nutrition. We can speed up this healing process. We have examples of skiers, footballers and others injured where we reduced the time of recovery to less than 50% of what is considered normal. They have then received treatments and dietary recommendations that they followed closely to create the best possible conditions.


Allergic reactions occur when the immune system does not can handle or overreact to an allergen, i.e. a topic that interferes with function in the body. In each treatment at THE KILMAN INSTITUTE, we help the immune system to identify and teach the body how to work to take remove what interferes with the body's function the most right now. This means that after each treatment becomes the body cleaner and stronger resulting in the autonomous nervous system works better.

The body thus becomes step by step better at managing external and internal disorders, and our clients' allergies usually disappear after one. In the long run, all allergies can disappear with life skills, i.e. the history of life. the knowledge of how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good nutritional status (which can be achieved by means of e.g. FRIWAY's life supplements®).

Sports results

Whatever sport you practice, communication the nervous system always works and be able to turn off and turn on a muscle with perfect Precision. When it doesn't work, a feeling you probably recognize: you don't get the right explosiveness in your movement, the timing of your body does not match or the fluency of your movement pattern is missing. Most have a or multiple muscles that are always strained or you do not really connect or it's hard to relax. and timing, resulting in the slowed ability to improve their technology and increased risk of injury.

With our therapies, we create balance and can have body to understand how to connect, react and manage each situation. We can also see if there is any nutritional deficiencies that can be addressed in order to improve your performance. Whether you're a golfer, elite athlete or happy exercisers we can help challenge your body with different thoughts, emotions and movements to see if there is anything that can be improved – and it usually it always does.

Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Lars Frölander, took the every important competition enlist the help of Ulf Kilman to ensure that all nerve traffic worked perfectly. He ate and still eats all of FRIWAY's life supplements® to get in itself important nutrition and he also avoids the food of the latest research showed disrupting the body mostly as wheat, sugar, dairy products, etc.


With the knowledge we have today, it would feel strange to give their pet a large bag of candy every Saturday. But to give their children that Big candy bag for the weekend is routine, everyone else does, many people think about it. nor for: today's stressed society makes it so easy that both in terms of food and goodies daily put in a battle stream of chemicals that dyes, texture sensors and genetically engineered foods that interfere with the body. No wonder these contaminants eventually lead to stomach problems as in its turn becomes a contributing factor to many other problems in the body. You will into a vicious circle that becomes very difficult to break.

Over the years, we have helped lots of customers with everything from mild disorders to very difficult magåkommor. What we learned is that it is important to get the intestinal flora right by eating right, i.e. a lot of organic berries and vegetables while excluding all ingredients creates mess in the body. Those who interfere with the function the most are usually refined carbohydrates such as sugar, cereals (mainly wheat flour). Do you want to get rid of problems need to be avoided, as well as all milk-based products that have shown maintain inflammations in the body.

Most people who have had stomach problems for a long time need also treatments for, for example, treatments for the fungus, mycotoxins, parasites, chemicals and other may be the basis for the inconvenience, which has since been exacerbated by diet. In order to achieve good results and maintain the balance created, lifestyle change is often an important element, it is about life knowledge of how, through your daily life, can affect the situation in order to create the conditions for health and energy over time.    

Problems with skin, nails, hair

Rash, eczema, warts, dry skin, cracked nails, hair loss and other problems often have several root causes, but here too we usually to three treatments notice major changes for the better. In some cases, it may get slightly worse during the purge period itself before it gets better. The basic method is the same for all clients. We identify what interferes with body mostly, helps the immune system dissolve and remove this. When the body got rid of it or the things that have been loaded, everything works better and the hair can grow out or the skin gets better.

Feel better

Do I have to have a problem to come to you? It we're not going to be able to help anyone curious who want to feel better. Everyone can improve by creating better nutritional status, becoming enduring, healthier or getting more energy. With our methods, we can see what holds you back the most and resolve this. We can also identify what is most important for you to add to maximize your life experience.

Sustainable life

Most people today eat what tastes good and is simple. Unfortunately, we see a trend of the number of ingredients that do not belong in a human body is increasing. We don't get the nourishment the body needs, but it there is even a high risk that chemicals and substandard raw materials in the food Increasingly, our bodies are interfering. And the problems usually add over the years.

At kilmaninstitutet, therefore, we have spent a lot of time find out what suits man and above all see what the body needs for to be able to function optimally.

The idea is that man should be able to feel what we want eat, but many have become accustomed to triggering their reward systems with sugar, dyes, useless salt, alcohol and other useless chemicals. what will be the effect of that? Imbalance! It is no longer possible to trust the body's Signals. If we're thirsty, we're going to get hungry for clean spring water and nothing else...

On our earth, today we are 9 billion people, of which 2 billions are overweight and 900 million malnourished. It is produced a lot food, but 60% is wasted. Much of what is produced is not healthy.

In order for us to live on our earth and keep us healthy, we need to think again and together start manufacturing and consuming what we we are driven by spreading this life knowledge. Please read more about how to can create a better life in everyday life on www.forhumanhealth.com.