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Lectures with Ulf Kilman and guests teach you your health keys and how to maximise your health.

KILMAN HEALTH, headed by Ulf Kilman, today has a unique toolbox of methods for creating natural health. For more than 30 years, he has sought new ways to improve health. In his research, he has identified the most common causes of health problems and conditions that slow down the body's performance, physically or mentally. He has further educated himself in both East and West, finding new connections and bringing the best home to further develop his own treatment methods. It is not without pride that we can say that our methods for quickly identifying and treating health problems and disorders are world-class. The results speak for themselves, with clients getting rid of chronic diseases, aches and pains and athletes winning World Cup and Olympic gold medals. In autumn 2018, for example, a study was published on clients who recovered from MS:

Our goal is to spread good health

Our vision is that our way to create natural health, named ‘For Human Health’ should become a global movement, reaching all corners of the world.

That is why we started Kilman Health Academy to teach our methods to health professionals and to others who simply want to improve their own health and that of their family.

Our vision is that our way of creating natural health, FOR HUMAN HEALTH, will become a popular movement that is spreading all over the world. That is why we are now teaching our methods, both to those who are professional professionals and to individuals who take their own and family health seriously. 

Presentations and training courses

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