The latest research shows that lifestyleis more important than our genes. That is, the diet affects us enormously and you want to get healthier, stronger or fitter you need to give your body high-quality fuel and avoid storage of disruptive substances in the body by not having junk food, chemicals and other things that break down the body.

Leave organic vegetables and berries to be the base

Organic vegetables and berries are the food that contains the most nutrition the body can take. If you want to maximize your energy level to get healthier or being able to perform better, this should be the foundation of your nutritional intake.

Avoid chemicals and allergens

What is most important to avoid is chemicals and allergens all contain substances that negatively affect the physiology of the human body. The which are healthy and have good genes may not get any reaction but they have to yet process the allergens and take from the body's depots to handle them. most common allergens to be minimized and preferably excluded completely from the diet are wheat, gluten, dairy products, lactose, citrus fruits, soy, tomato, corn, core fruits, mushrooms, eggs, nuts and garlic.

Combine the food right

It's not only important what you eat, but also how you combine your food. Two raw materials that can be good each fit may not be together. In order for your digestion to work optimally, the meal should be properly composed with ingredients that fit together and ideally you should eat in a beautiful and calm environment, preferably together with friends. If you are stressed, irritated, tired or eat food containing allergens, are indigestible and interfere with the body's communication, digestion will not be able to function optimally.

Tips depending on who you are

It's important that you always start from yourself. Click through to tips on how to think about your diet, depending on what the level of your interest in diet looks like:

RED: uninterested
You who treat yourself to unhealthy things and do not want or have the energy to change your diet.

YELLOW: interested
You who think about what you eat and sometimes treat yourself to a feast or something useless.

GREEN: perfectionist
Those of you who want to eat perfectly to perform the maximum, get healthy from a disease or feel as good as possible in any situation.