On health

We are 9 billion people on earth. 2 billion are overweight and 900 millions are malnourished, while 60% of the food produced is discarded. In other words, the earth's resources are not used optimally.

Much of the food produced is also not useful for man. For solving the problems we need to find structures and habits to eat healthier and be longer-term to create a healthy and healthy society

We have developed a lifestyle that we call FOR HUMAN HEALTH. It is both simple and cost effective.


More and more people want to feel better and there are constantly new health tips. Few, however, have understood how the body's nature laws are built and what that really works. With the FOR HUMAN HEALTH lifestyle, we want to teach what really works.

To be healthy, energy-filled and happy, you need to learn to follow nature's laws and focus on what produces lasting positive results. That is, what helps the body communicate right.

It is important to learn to avoid what disturbs the body and it is at least as important to start adding to what nourishes the body and energy as it can pick up and use. Then your body gets the resilience and strength that needed to address everyday challenges.

A healthy body can handle most things but avoid supating with the best possible fuel and also exposes us what breaks us down, so we age prematurely.

10 health tips

Below we summarise the ten main health tips for keeping the body young and strong for as long as possible:

  1. Make sure that the pH value of your morning urine is over 7.0 to have margins on your side. You can achieve this with deep relaxed breathing, vegetables, berries, light exercise, love or FRIwaYs BASIC product.
  2. Drink about 2 litres of clean water, preferably with high pH, every day to avoid dehydration.
  3.  Breathe deeply and relaxed and see to get really breathless and preferably a bit sweaty once a day to promote your circulation and oxygenation.
  4. Avoid all wheat products to avoid inflammatory processes and incorrect signal traffic in the body.
  5. Sit on squat 2 minutes three times a day to improve digestion, signal traffic and posture.
  6. Avoid all dairy products, refined sugar sand and pork that create problems in the body.
  7. Train fitness with, for example, cycling, jogging or swimming 30 minutes every day to oxygenate the body.
  8. Eat FRIWAY's life supplements® to replenish your depots and give your body what it needs to cope with the environmental impact of everyday life and stay young.
    BASIC – to increase your pH and compensate for unhealthy lifestyle or Environment.
    FOCUS – to id useful fatty acids that promote the immune system, intelligence and builds up cell walls, hormones and neural pathways in the body.
    FLOW – to give you vitamins and minerals that support the body's purification (detox).
    WELL – to get vital salts and minerals needed to regulate pH, fluid balance and electrical signal traffic in the body.
    GROW – to get proteins and amino acids that build up your body and necessary for signalling to operate.
    GLOW – to build up your blood and give you extra energy with the help of important vitamins and minerals found in berries and greens.
  9. Avoid eating animal proteins such as fish, bird and meat at the same time with carbohydrates like rice, pasta and potatoes to promote digestion. You can eat animal proteins along with vegetables, quinoa and buckwheat Instead.
  10. Go down completely in turns or meditate about 10 minutes a day and make sure to be relaxed and sleep properly at night.