Weekend courses

For individuals who want to optimize their health and health professionals who want to improve their training and treatment results, weekend courses are now available. For those who have trained as professionals in HKT – physical treatments and TUNING – mental treatments, there are also further trainingcourses.

You will find all upcoming courses and courses in our calendar.


Teaching holographic Kinesiology Treatment, HKT®

Unique skills how to optimise your own health position. This is not like any other personal health course. We teach our own Kinesiology based methods to create balance within your body. We show you how to test which foods work best for you and how to check how clothes and shoes can affect you negatively. You leave our course armed with a wealth of knowledge that you can start to use to instantly to improve every day health for you and your family.


Ulf Kilman shows muscle testing
Ulf Kilman teaches at the Kilman Institute.

Significantly enhance the services you offer to your clients! This course is for health coaches, massage professionals, Personal Trainers and wellbeing advisers who have basic health knowledge. We teach you the foundation of the methods Ulf uses to help chronically ill to reclaim their health and athletes to win gold medals. The perfect course to add value and make a difference for your clients. You get an edge you’re your competitors increasing your demand. 3 days, Friday- Sunday