Words along the way

  1. Know and use your motivations for doing things that are good for yourself and others.
  2. Live with confidence, understanding and patience. Everything has its time and everything can be right in the end.
  3. Stand up for yourself and live your own role model in all imaginable and unimaginable situations.
  4. Be factual, remain neutral and act rationally no matter what happens or has happened.
  5. Learn from your own and others' mistakes. The best of errors and mistakes is that you never have to repeat them.
  6. Understand that life is wonderful, and it can give you how much joy anything and enjoy it.
  7. Take responsibility for your choices and your own life and respect others, and all their choices.
  8. Live and create you the experience you desire, taking into account that there is a future.
  9. Work to build the foundation for life in and around you.
  10. Work to bring vitality and love to flow throughout your self.
  11. Be humble! There are things you do not understand and connection, you do not yet know. Treat yourself and others infinite happiness, joy and success and live fully in all situations to 100%!