We offer both physical and mental treatment methods to help you feel better, get better nutritional status, become more persistent, healthier or more energetic.

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Neuroscience creates good health – but the other way around

At Kilman Health we are specialists within neuroscience and neurobiology. We help the body to function optimally, to harness renewed energy and to become free from disease. How? By improving signalling traffic within the nervous system and by prescribing natural nutrition together with methods that strengthen the body’s immune defence.

Unlike most other health practitioners we don’t concentrate on”curing” illnesses or masking symptoms. We prefer to focus on how to create the best potential for your immune system to take care of your health problems to give you continuous good health and improved energy in a natural way. Our methods work in practice whether you are an elite athlete chasing medals or a non-athlete battling a chronic illness on a daily basis.

Proven results

During the years we have worked with clients, we have helped them overcome illness, injuries and other health problems. The results speak for themselves. In 2018, a first study was published at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, where some of our clients who have become healthy from MS have been included in the study and interviewed.

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You are unique – that's why our solutions are always individual

If you have the motivation, we have the methods! At Kilman Health, we offer cutting-edge physical and mental therapies designed to deliver the best results, fast. For 30 years, we've been researching, treating and educating people to achieve increased energy and better health through the right communicating nervous system, natural nutrition and functioning immune system. We learn from the best in the world, combine methods and constantly seek even better solutions to give our clients the best possible help.

We provide not only effective holistic treatments, but also an increased understanding how the body works and how much you can actually influence your own health by your lifestyle. We teach you what you can do to optimize your health and increase your energy levels to match what you want to achieve in your day to day life or to perform at top level.