Angelica Weinmark

"After I myself have been helped by Ulf's amazing method, I am now passionate about helping others feel good and heal naturally."

Angelica is the latest addition of therapists here at KILMAN HEALTH. She has always been interested in health and thought she lived a healthy life until her body said stop properly. Then began the search for help which was not easy. It was a long and difficult road with different alternative methods where nothing worked for Angelica. In the end, she found an amazing therapist who performed HKT Kinesiology treatments. Even after a treatment, she felt the difference. Slowly but surely, Angelica's powers came back and the body was finally able to heal. This, together with a number of lifestyle changes, Angelica is now feeling better than ever.

On Angelica's way to become healthy and prosperous, she experienced a strong drive to help others so she chose to attend Ulf's education. It was the best thing she has ever done and now she is passionate about helping others feel good and heal naturally.

Angelica completed her education in the winter of 2020 and is now performing student treatments with us and then undergoing a diploma. Angelica has the support and supervision of all therapists here at KILMAN HEALTH.