About us

The work we have done over the years has enabled our clients to overcome injury, illness and other health problems. In 2018 Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm published a research paper about clients we had helped to recover from MS.

We are working on a few simple principles that go like a red thread through our work:

  • Eliminating or minimizing what burdens your body
  • Restoring natural function
  • Taking advantage of the body's superior abilities to create health

Our vision is that all people on earth should stay healthy and feel physically and mentally good. That is why we also share our knowledge, training in our treatment strains and offers products that are optimized to support the body's natural abilities to create and maintain health. We want all this to be spread all over the world.

With a holistic approach to health and achievement, we are working for being able to offer solutions that are always right in time and never are harmful to the body. With the help of the latest research, we develop constantly our abilities and the way to work to give our clients the best possible results and experience of our treatments.

In addition to these treatment forms, we also sell a selected health products that have been shown to provide the best results. They are available also available through our webshop.

Everyone can feel better, have better nutritional status, become more enduring, healthier or more energetic. Ulf Kilman has specialised in health for 30 years. Using ancient knowledge, research, tests, work and studies, they have developed their own methods and products. The results speak for themselves!

Proven results

KILMAN HEALTH is owned and operated by Ulf Kilman and is located near the slalom hill in Ekerö, just outside Stockholm. Customers from all over the world come here to get healthier or perform better. It is also home to our research and training centre.

A visit for treatment with us always gives a individual and effective overall treatment where we identify your unique health code. At the same time, you will also be helped to start an inner journey where you step by steps will teach you how to live to discover how healthy and prosperous you could be. Life skills that help you succeed with the changes that may be required.

Our education programme includes training courses for professionals and individuals who want to increase their ability to create a healthy life for themselves and the family. You can read more about our training program here.