Physical treatments HKT®

HKT® is short for Holographic Kinesiology Treatment. This method is designed to re-set the functioning of the nervous system. It identifies the main factors that currently disturb the body the most, but also helps to create the potential for the fantastic immune system to do the job it was designed for, to eliminating the problems.       


HKT is built on cutting edge expertise within neuroscience and is a very powerful method developed by Ulf Kilman. Scientifically proven knowledge within traditional medicine is complemented by carefully chosen methods of alternative medicine.  To help with diagnostics and treatment, the latest insights within nutrition, anatomy, pH, oxygenation, and neurology are paired with alternative methods such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, sacro-cranial treatments and also management of thoughts and emotions.  We bring together ancient knowledge and discoveries within in the most up to date research.

How do health problems occur?

We have been developing our treatment methods for over 30 years and we have seen that the most common underlying cause of any health problem is when the body is lacking the necessary nutrition and energy to deal with everything it is exposed to.  

When we breathe polluted air, train hard, encounter chemicals, viruses, toxins, bacteria, parasites, fungi or other harmful microbes the body needs to have adequate nutrition and energy levels in order to eliminate any of these threats. If the body is not naturally balanced in this way, the immune system is unable to tackle the problems and we start storing the microbes in our bodies. Over time this leads to ill health or so called ‘natural ageing’.

What is your health code?

When your body has adequate levels of nutrition and energy and the nervous system is aware of any existing health problems, the body can then make its own priorities and resolve the issues with the help of the immune system. The combination of components your body needs to heal is unique – this is your health code, which forms the basis for the precision of our method. HKT has proven to be the most effective way to ensure this concept works.

The results speak for themselves

Over the years, Ulf Kilman has helped elite athletes to break world records, win championships and Olympic Gold.  He has also enabled chronically ill clients to regain their health. Ulf is happy to share his insights and methods by spreading the knowledge via HKT training courses. Ulf works both in Sweden and internationally to help his clients to increase the body’s understanding of how to communicate and function at an optimum level.

Anything is possible!

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