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Physical treatments HKT®
Treatment for the mind TUNING®

You are unique – therefore, our solutions are always tailored to each individual.

If you have the motivation, we have the methods! At Kilmaninstitutet we offer groundbreaking physical and mental treatments designed to rapidly give the best possible results. For 30 years we have carried out research, treated and educated clients to gain better health and increased energy. We have seen that this can be achieved by correct nervous system signalling traffic, natural nutrition and a fully functioning immune system. We learn from the best in the world, we combine methods and constantly seek even better solutions in order to give our clients the best possible help.

We provide not only effective holistic treatments, but also an increased understanding how the body works and how much you can actually influence your own health by your lifestyle. We teach you what you can do to optimize your health and increase your energy levels to match what you want to achieve in your day to day life or to perform at top level.  

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