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Headed up by Ulf and Charlotte, Kilman Health uses a unique toolbox to support natural health and wellbeing. For over 30 years we have continually sought new pathways to improved health. Our research has mapped out the most common grounds for ill health and pinpointed conditions that hinder performance both physical and mental. We have strived to educate ourselves globally both in the East and West. We have brought new discoveries home with us to develop our own style of treatments. We are proud to endorse our world class methods, which serve to quickly identify and remedy a range of health issues. The results speak for themselves. Our customers include many who have beaten pain and chronic illnesses and top athletes who have gone on to win World Championships and Olympic gold. In the autumn of 2018 a research paper was published with a study of three of our customers whom we helped to overcome MS.

Our vision is that our way to create natural health, named ‘For Human Health’ should become a global movement, reaching all corners of the world. That is why we started Kilman Health Academy to teach our methods to health professionals and to others who simply want to improve their own health and that of their family.

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Weekend course for private use

Unique skills how to optimise your own health position. This is not like any other personal health course. We teach our own Kinesiology based methods to create balance within your body.  We show you how to test which foods work best for you and how to check how clothes and shoes can affect you negatively. You leave our course armed with a wealth of knowledge that you can start to use to instantly to improve every day health for you and your family.

3 day course for health professionals

Significantly enhance the services you offer to your clients! This course is for health coaches, massage professionals, Personal Trainers and wellbeing advisers who have basic health knowledge. We teach you the foundation of the methods Ulf uses to help chronically ill to reclaim their health and athletes to win gold medals.

The perfect course to add value and make a difference for your clients. You get an edge you’re your competitors increasing your demand. 3 days, Friday- Sunday.

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