Charlotte Kilman

Together with Ulf, Charlotte developed TUNING®. She helps clients and runs training courses in the method.

Charlotte grew up on the West Coast of Sweden outside Varberg. She trained in civil engineering at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, then worked for the insurer Skandia for 10 years – first as Sales Representative, then Sales Manager. She has always had a keen interest in body and mind, specialising in mental development. Charlotte has a masters in medicine from Uppsala University.

In conjunction with Ulf, Charlotte developed her own method – TUNING®, which provides her clients with the right programming to be able to handle their thoughts and emotions in order to make the right life choices.  For example TUNING® can help clients to quit smoking, reach their goal weight or handle a divorce or workplace situation.  It also works to improve motivation to prioritize right in life and love yourself in order to be able to succeed in being the person you want to be.

TUNING® provides tools to improve your strengths and remove any weaknesses, so that you can handle everything that you encounter in life in a positive way.

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