About us

Proven results

The work we have done over the years has enabled our clients to overcome injury, illness and other health problems.  In 2018  Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm published a research paper about clients we had helped to recover from MS. Read more here.

Neuroscience creates good health – but the other way round

At Kilman Health we are specialists within neuroscience and neurobiology. We help the body to function optimally, to harness renewed energy and to become free from disease. How?  By improving signalling traffic within the nervous system and by prescribing natural nutrition together with methods that strengthen the body’s immune defence.

Unlike most other health practitioners we don’t concentrate on”curing” illnesses or masking symptoms. We prefer to focus on how to create the best potential for your immune system to take care of your health problems to give you continuous good health and improved energy in a natural way.  Our methods work in practice whether you are an elite athlete chasing medals or a non-athlete battling a chronic illness on a daily basis. You can read more about our treatments here.

Our goal is to spread good health

We are passionate about research and treating and educating individuals to optimise energy levels and improve their every- day health. When you seek help from us, it’s not just about solving health issues or mental blocks, but also about life skills.

Our passion is to share our insights about creating the best possible health by natural means. For this reason we offer an extensive educational programme, not only for health practitioners, but also for those who want to reach a new level in wellbeing and performance for themselves and their families.

You can read more about our training programmes and KILMAN HEALTH ACADEMY here.